Jawaibandh Road Sumerpur District: Pali Rajasthan - 306902.

Team (Doctors)
S. No. Name of the Department Name of Doctor Qualification
1 Gen. Medicine Dr. Bimal Shah MD Medicine/Physician
2 Gen. Medicine Dr. Rajesh Kumar MD Medicine/Physician
3 Pulmonary (TB & Chest) Dr. Maldev A Sonigra MD, Repiratory Medicine
4 Paediatric Dr. Vijay Kumar Medatwal MD Paediatric
5 Paediatric Dr. Himanshu Dave DCH, DNB, Paediatric
6 Gen. Surgery Dr. Mehul Panchal General Surgeon
7 Obs. & Gynae. Dr. Rashmi Bala M.S. Obs. & Gynae., Lap. Surgeon
8 Obs. & Gynae. Dr. Pardeshi Rajlaxmi M.S. Obs. & Gynae., Lap. Surgeon
9 Pediatric Surgery Dr. Aditya Pratap Singh M.S., M.C.H., Pediatric Surgeon
10 Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgery Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal M.S. Orthopedic Surgeon
11 E.N.T. Dr. Metali Rai E.N.T.
12 Psychiatric Dr. Vivek Srivastav M.D. Psychiatry
13 Anesthesiology Dr. Harsha Bathiya M.D. Anesthesia
14 Anesthesiology Dr. Renu Mantri M.D. Anesthesia
15 Anesthesiology Dr. Govind Sharma M.D. Anesthesia
16 Anesthesiology Dr. Ram Prasadh Mali M.D. Anesthesia
17 Diagnostics - Radiology Dr. Piyush Agarwal Radio-Diagnosis
18 Diagnostics - Radiology Dr. Viram Singh Rathod Radio-Diagnosis
19 Diagnostics - Radiology Dr. Vivek V. Radio-Diagnosis
20 Diagnostics - Pathology Dr. Priyanka Sharma M.D. Pathologist
21 Diagnostics - Pathology Dr. Roop Singh Charan M.D. Pathologist
22 Dental Dr. Gourav Simlot B.D.S.
23 Dental Dr. Beena Simlot B.D.S.
24 Physiotherapy Dr. A. Chocklingam M.P.T. Ortho
List of Visiting Doctor with Specialty
S. No. Name of the Department Name of Doctor Specialist Visit
1 Cardiology Dr. Vivek Agarwal D.M. Cardiologist Angiography and Angioplasty Visit - Every Suturday & Sunday
2 Gastroenterology Dr. Mayank Ametha M.D., D.M. Gastroenterology Visit - First Sunday in Every Month
3 DERMATOLOGY, SKIN & HAIR CARE Dr. Parth J. Modi M.D. Skin & MPH cosmetologist Visit - First & Third Sunday in Every Month
4 Urology Dr. Jayesh Modi M.S., D.N.B. Urologist Visit - First & Third Sunday in Every Month
5 Oncology Dr. Shakti Singh Deora Head & Neck of Cancer Visit - Second & Fourth Saturday in Every Month
6 Neurosurgery Dr. Sandip Patel M.S., M.C.H. Neuro & Spinal Surgeon Visit - Second Sunday in Every Month
7 Ortho Dental Dr. Nitesh Bansal M.D.S. Orthodentist Visit - Fourth Sunday in Every Month